Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Professor X or a Cat?

Brain cancer is...


As we began the array change process today, Zach mistook Darrell for Professor X, as in Professor Xavier from the X Men? You remember:

But then, when I starting oiling his scalp, which we do to relieve the dryness, Darrell started purring like a cat.

One man, many identities!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ice Socks and Much Love

Brain cancer is...

...so innovative!

I walked four miles during class today, some in my cute shoes.  When I returned home, Darrell the engineer devised ice socks (patent pending), which allowed me to elevate and ice my sore feet simultaneously.  Ice socks:  You heard it here first!

Also at class:

Much love to Christine from Block 24.  It feels pretty nice to be helping people send back some of that love you so freely give, Christine.  Much love.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Sad Day in Packer Nation

Brain cancer is...

 ...making the best of a very bad [football] day.

We had the pleasure of great company--first the Szabos and then Summer and Zach--to take the sting off this very bad day.  No doubt you've heard the news that quarterback of the universe, Packer Aaron Rodgers, broke a collarbone today.  He's probably out for the season.  Sigh.

Skelly had a great day messing with people.  First he (she now, dressed as Andi) gave Zach and Summer a scare when she greeted them with a grin as they returned from Carpinteria.

Then she nearly took off for a joy ride in the purple van.

 We hope you made some happiness in your Sunday!

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Brain cancer is...

...loving Saturday!

What the...? The morning was so scary and delicious with today's surprises: Crashed witches and Zombee doughnuts.

We enjoyed Temecula wine country with Beth and Geoff.

Yay for Saturday!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Lucky Enough

Brain cancer is...

...forever reminding us that we are fortunate.

When we walked the Oxnard beaches with Brady and Linda last weekend, we read all the plaques on the benches (remember doing that, Beth and Geoff?).  One plaque really stuck with us.  It said, "If you are lucky enough to be at the beach, you are lucky enough."  We aren't at the beach, but we are lucky enough.

If I am lucky enough to have my husband sitting on the bench waiting for me after class...

...I am lucky enough.

If we are lucky enough to have lunch out on a Friday afternoon...

...we are lucky enough.

Happy Lucky Friday the 13th!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

[Another!] Thursday Threepeat

Brain cancer is...

...spending  [another!] day in gratitude. 

Today was a great balance of all life has to offer.
  • We enjoyed breakfast al fresco with Gordon, hearing about his next train adventure.
  • With LuAnn and Roene, we solved all the world's problems over lunch at Max's.
  • We worked and worked and then...
  • ...We ended up at Islands (above) for our second Thursday Threepeat (all meals out).
We saw things that made us smile along the way too.  LuAnn's fish always make us happy:

And it makes us happy when Skelly stops impersonating Darrell and takes back his own quirky personality:
If only he would stop eating the cookies!
Love you, Team D.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Will the Real Darrell Please Stand Up?

Brain cancer is...

...still tricky. 

Which is the real Darrell?  The one drinking a Dew with the remote in his hand...

...OR the one eating a tuna sandwich at Panera for lunch?

The one at Panera!  You can tell by the wedding ring!

Today we enjoyed tuna and Zachary and Summer's first harvest:

Delish!  However, do you see that tiny red pepper?  We cut it into fourths to share it, and even one fourth of that tiny pepper makes the nose run.  Hijole!  (Yes, they bought it for that reason.)