Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 10: Back on the Southwest Chief

Brain Cancer is...

...feeling grateful.

Last May we took a bucket list trip by boarding the Southwest Chief at one end of the line, Los Angeles, and riding it to the other, Chicago. Then we turned around and road it back. Click here for the post that captures the first day of that trip.

We haven't been back on the Southwest Chief...until today, a year later. Fun fact: We have our same dining car attendant, Freida, who is still smiling.

When we took that first ride, we had no idea how many more trips would follow. We should add up how many rail miles we've seen since then. Life has been good to us.

Thanks for riding the rails with us all this time.

Tuesday Slideshow: All Aboard!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Spring Fling Day 9: Early Anniversary in Chicago

Brain cancer is...

...celebrating 33 years of marriage...in the Windy City.

Our days in Wisconsin were perfect. It was also perfect to have a send off given by blue skies and longtime friends Nancy and Buster. 

We so appreciate Meridyth taking the day off to drive us into Chicago and spend the day at the Field Museum. It's great to learn, laugh, and shop in close proximity.

As a planned part of Spring Fling, we celebrated our 5/26 anniversary a few days early with a perfect dinner at the Grillroom

Team D, we hope you are flinging your spring! There is much to celebrate.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 8: Wonderful Wisconsin

Brain cancer is...

...drinking up every Wisconsin moment.

Today was our last full day in Wisconsin. Tomorrow Meridyth will take us to Chicago, where we will begin working our way back west over the next few days.

More sad news: The women lost soundly during last night's cribbage rematch. Sigh.

On to happier things: Today was wonderfully full of all things Wisconsin. It was indeed a grand finale for our couples weekend. Here it is in a nutshell:
  • Coffee on the Rock River with Nolan and friend, Brett
  • Culver's custard 
  • A rain-free walk (which was maybe missing some moisture. Ha.)
  • We fed bees, chickens, and birds.
  • Tractor rides
  • A work out 
  • We made beer.
  • Dinner was stuffed pizza (our cheese finale)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy I
We head to bed thoroughly content.  Happy Sunday from Wisconsin, Team D.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sweet Saturday

Brain cancer is...

...loving every minute!

This is a couples weekend that just keeps coming.  Today our walk was good and wet (let's say, "moisturizing"). 

We went to Madison for another tasty meal and a movie.  The evening ends with cribbage.  We women are hoping for a comeback.  Wish us luck.

Happy Saturday, Team D!

Saturday Slideshow

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Fun Day for Four

Brain cancer is...

...enjoying walks and Milwaukee. 

Meridyth and Matt are working hard to return their acreage to native grasslands, which involves planting tens of thousands of native trees. We started today by enjoying their efforts with a tree-filled walk. Then it was on to Milwaukee for lunch and a spin through the Harley Davidson Museum, as Milwaukee is home to America's motorcycle company. 

It was intriguing to learn about the company's 1903 origins and its evolution alongside historical events such as the Depression, World War II, and the Recession.  Trying a seat on the bikes? The closest we'll ever get to feeling the wind in our faces from the back of a hog.

We had a final walk to watch the sunset. 

We hope your Friday was everything you hoped for too.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Let the Couples Weekend Commence!

Brain cancer is...

...happy to be with Meridyth and Matt for our Couples Weekend!

The trip into Chicago was equally lovely, and we love crossing the Mississippi. Meridyth picked us up in Chicago. You'll see in today's video that we enjoyed an evening with their dogs, a fire, and cribbage. Maybe not so much the cribbage. Ha. 

Thanks for joining us across the country. Now join us in starting the weekend! 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

Brain cancer is...

...living a lifetime every day.

This morning we woke up in the Utah desert. We had breakfast with a couple whose husband is also vanquishing brain cancer. He's the first one we have met in this 15-month adventure. Imagine sitting across the table from a person who has also had his fill of swallowing thousand-dollar pills.  I hope we see them again.

We managed our first mobile array change without significant blood loss. Phew. 

We then entered (and are still in) the great state of Colorado. Maybe the word "breathtaking" was invented for Colorado. You be the judge.

Lunch was with MaryRose and John, who love our national parks. John is a lobbyist for the Catholic Church on issues of social policy. How cool is that? Also cool: These friends are Packer Backers. We hope we see you two again.

Next we crossed the Rockies. Silly Rockies! You made our video extra long. Sigh! 

We enjoyed Moffat Tunnel, which is 6 miles and 10 minutes long. We saw the Continental Divide. No Big Deal.

Next up? Nightime in Nebraska. Sunrise in Iowa.  We love you, Team D!

Click here for the Rocky Mountain High Slide Show.